10 Last-Minute Gifts You Can Find Around Your House
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10 Last-Minute Gifts You Can Find Around Your House

It's down to the day before Christmas, and you need some last-minute gifts when the stores are all closed. What can you find around your house to give as a gift.

It's almost Christmas!  The snow is falling, the cookies are baking, the lights are up, the tree is decorated.  But, wait!  You still have some last-minute gifts to buy, and now the stores are closed.  What do you do?  No doubt, a store-bought or hand-made gift is ideal to give.  But, when you're absolutely stumped, take a look around your house.  You're bound to come up with a few things to finish your gift-giving list.  Here's ten things you might find in your home to give:

  1. Fresh fruit.  Whether it's in the form of several pieces of fruit that you put inside an empty basket you have from a gift you may have received in previous years, or you simply put together an orange and an apple inside of a stocking; fresh fruit is quite often easy to grab and wrap.
  2. Re-gift an item - Search your closets and find a gift that is left unopened from a previous Christmas or birthday.  Many of these items are perfectly good gifts, they just didn't suit you.  Or, for some other reason, you jut never opened it.  Now is the time you can put it to good use.
  3. Office supplies - Make them personalized by including a few pens that you wrap in ribbon or a sticky pad that you stamp an initial on.  A really nice, useable gift could include a couple pens, a pad of sticky notes, some envelopes, blank note cards and a few stamps.  These are nice items to have on hand for anyone to enjoy and use when they want to send out a thank you note or just a note of encouragement.  And, many people have them in their house or home office already.  Just put them together with some ribbon and wrap it up as a gift.
  4. Cookie dough mix or other baking mixes - Find an empty jar and fill it with the ingredients necessary to make a batch of cookies or blueberry muffins.  If you're really in a bind, open up a pre-packaged muffin mix, pour it into a jar and put a bow on top with a pretty miniature card attached complete with baking instructions.
  5. Snowman soup - Snowman soup is nothing more than a hot cocoa mix, miniature marshmallows and a stirrer (sometimes a cinnamon stick is used).  Put it inside a sandwich bag with a pretty note tied to a ribbon explaining how to make the snowman soup.  The idea is to look as though a snowman (the marshmallows) has melted.
  6. Tea or Coffee - Gather together some tea bags or unused coffee and put them together in a nicely tied ribbon.  This works especially well if you have a cute little mug or tea pot to include with it.  Don't use something that is obviously used and in bad shape.  But, if you have a clean mug that you don't use, or an extra tea pot, this works as a perfect addition to the gift.
  7. Toiletries - If you tend to stock up on toiletries such as shampoo, body wash, etc. whenever there is a sale, then you're in luck.  Take out some of these excess toiletry items and wrap them in a pretty wrap.  If possible, include a new washcloth or bath sponge.  If you happen to have different colored bath salts, make a "sand design" by combining different colored-bath beads or bath salts inside a jar or creative container.
  8. Restaurant Night - Put together a theme of a particular food items such as Italian.  You could include a box of spaghetti, spaghetti sauce and olive oil.  Or, choose another food theme such as chili or soups.  If someone you know is ill or in the hospital on Christmas, this is really nice to include Chicken noodle soup with some crackers.
  9. Movie night - Put together a few bags of microwave popcorn and your favorite DVD.  If you happen to have movie theater-style candy hanging around, include that too.  If you don't have a DVD you're willing to part with, record a family video or find your favorite video of your family from throughout the year and record a tape or DVD to share.
  10. Your favorite book!  If you have a copy of a book which you have particularly enjoyed reading, pass it along.  If the book no longer looks new, no problem.  Write a note in the front cover (or on a sticky note to attach to the inside cover) explaining how much the book meant to you and you want to share it.

Of course, if all else fails, write a check or include cash.  But, successful gift-giving doesn't always have to include expensive shopping sprees.  Sometimes the nicest gift received is one of creativity with thought put into the giving.

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