How Filipinos Celebrate Christmas
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How Filipinos Celebrate Christmas

Filipinos celebrate Christmas with lots of fun activities, foods and gifts.

Christmas is around the corner and everybody is preparing for the celebration. To many people, celebrating Christmas is very special because this is in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ. The Roman Catholics celebrate Christmas to honor Jesus and give thanks to God for giving Jesus to us. Christmas is celebrated in different manners all around the world.

In the Philippines where most people are Roman Catholics, the celebration is too long. Some Filipinos start hanging Christmas decorations as early as the last week of August. Christmas songs are aired everywhere at the start of the –ber months. Christmas decorations would be all over the markets and many Filipinos go for early Christmas shopping on the month of September.

The celebration of Christmas in the Philippines starts on December 16. The Roman Catholics start going to mass on the dawn of December 16 in order to complete the 9-day mass. In the past years; the early morning mass called the “Misa de Gallo”, derived from the Spanish word which means mass at dawn starts at 4 a.m. But recently, people could go to mass at night if they cannot attend the mass at dawn. This is completed in nine consecutive mornings which includes the midnight mass on December 24th. This practice has been taught by the Spaniards; the colonizers of the Filipinos for 333 years. Since then, Filipinos had continuously celebrated the “Misa de Gallo” during Christmas Season.

Because of the change in lifestyle and the number of people attending the nine-day mass; there is a mass at nine o’clock at night, so if you cannot wake up very early, you can attend the night mass. Most Filipinos believe in the power of faith to God. Many Filipinos believe that their wishes are granted by God if they complete the 9-day mass. Many people claim that they had been granted their wishes when they had completed the 9-day mass.

Christmas in the Philippines is celebrated with food, gifts and mass. On the night of the 24th of December, the 9th day mass is celebrated along with the blessings that will complete the nine-days mass that people are longing to complete. This culminates the Christmas celebration for Filipino Families. After the mass, everybody should be home before midnight strikes. This will complete the Christmas celebration for the family. Sumptuous dinner is served on the midnight of December 24th. This is a family celebration and all members of the family should be at home to eat with the family.

Every Filipino table; no matter the status has delicious food served. To those who could afford, a “Litson”, roasted whole pig is the highlight of the feast. Litson is the national food of Filipinos and considered a treat to many Filipinos during especial celebrations.

The next day, December 25th is a day for the kids. Children would wear their best clothes which are often newly bought for the Christmas celebration. Most families attend mass early in the morning with the kids. After the mass, the kids go to the houses of their godparents. The children are the people who mostly enjoy Christmas celebration because they receive plenty of gifts.

Christmas celebration in the Philippines is the happiest celebration with lots of fun activities, food and gifts.


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Wonderful information! I appreciate this insight.


Thanks for the insight. I'd love to visit someday. Christmas sounds like a wonderful time to be there.

Don't forget my "aguinaldo" Lisa, great Christmas insights for everyone.

I love Christmas!