Start A New Christmas Tradition: The Photo Scavenger Hunt
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Start A New Christmas Tradition: The Photo Scavenger Hunt

Here are some great ideas for a photo scavenger hunt

Whether you are looking to start a new Christmas Tradition or just want an activity that will entertain the whole family, why not try a photo scavenger hunt. While the traditional scavenger hunt required teams to collect items, photo scavenger hunts requires the teams to take pictures of each other in a variety of settings or doing some task. Of course, the sillier the task, the better the scavenger hunt.

The nice thing about a photo scavenger hunt is that it allows everyone to actively participate and you end up getting some great one of a kind pictures that you can either present as a slide show or put in a special family Christmas scrap book. Here are some great ideas for items on a photo scavenger hunt list.

Photo of the youngest members of a team pulling the oldest member on a sled.

A picture of the entire group, minus the photographer, making snow angels.

A member of the group kissing a snowman

A group picture taken with Santa Claus (real, and ornament, or a statute)

A picture of the group having a snowball fight

A picture of the entire group piled on a sled or tobogan

A picture of two members kissing under the mistletoe

A picture of one member of the group feeding another a piece of pumpkin pie

A picture of one of the members buried in the snow

A picture of one of the adult members playing with a child's toy

A picture of the entire group sitting around the Christmas tree

If you want to put a twist on the scavenger hunt, you can require members of one team to take pictures of the other team caught in the act doing funny Christmas things, such as:

Shaking a present

Falling asleep in a chair

A couple kissing under the mistletoe

Stealing candy off the gingerbread house

Sneaking a cookie, piece of pie, or candy

Hugging anyone

Making a funny face

Loosening their belt after dinner

Wearing a santa hat, a ribbon, or some bows

Picking at leftovers

. . . whatever you can think of that will make interesting pictures and have everyone laughing.  All you really need is a digital camera, a computer, printer, and enough color ink to run off the pictures and pass them around, or display them on a DVD slide show.

It's a great way for the entire family to have fun and to have some great pictures of your Chritmas celebrations. Then when someone says. "Remember when Aunt Freda did" this or that, you will have proof positive it really happened.

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