Tips on Decorating an Apartment for Christmas
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Tips on Decorating an Apartment for Christmas

Tips on decorating small apartments for the holiday season

 Christmas is a time of abundant cheer and spirit. One of the most popular ways to express your Christmas spirit is by adorning your home with all the Christmas trimmings. For those feeling jolly but living in a smaller apartment, Christmas decorating can feel like an exercise in epic compromise. Yet, there are a few ways to deck even the smallest halls without feeling disappointed or over crowded.


In an apartment, windows are invaluable tools when decorating for the holidays. There are several different ways to take advantage of windows while adding Christmas cheer to your apartment space.

Strands of small Christmas lights look great from both inside and outside of an apartment when strung along the inner frame of the windows. The glow from the lights is able to seen on both sides of the window and the lights take up little to no functional living space. Most apartments are laid out with outlets near the windows, so wiring and power should not be a concern. Garlands and tinsel can be wound around the lights, as long as the lights are a low wattage graded for indoor use, to add extra color, sparkle and cheer.

Decorative clings also make perfect Christmas decorations for smaller spaces. Like the lights, the clings can be enjoyed from either side of the window, take up no usable living space and are simple to hang. The cleanup associated with window clings is also minimal as is the cost.


Doors and doorways make great canvases for Christmas decoration creativity. Like windows, doors and doorways represent a space in your apartment you don’t need for day to day functionality so they can be heavily decorated without much change to your routine.

Lights can be strung along the outer edge of a doorframe similar to the inner edge of a window. Outlets are commonly placed near entrances and exits, allowing for easy wiring. Unlike windows, doorframe lights can only be seen from inside the apartment which can help with leasing limitations on visible decorations. In the place of lights, or in addition to low wattage indoor lights, garlands are an energy efficient Christmas decoration that is easily strung around a door frame.

To help spread the Christmas spirit, hang mistletoe at the top of doorframes. Encouraging Christmas kisses under the mistletoe not only points out brilliant apartment decorations but opens the door for adorable Christmas pictures and lightens the mood.

Doors themselves present a wealth of decorating possibilities. A traditional item for door decoration is a wreath. In place of the traditional evergreen wreath, try creating a wreath of cheery photographs. To start, take photos of friends and family under the mistletoe, wearing a Santa hat, reindeer antlers or other seasonal props. After the pictures are developed tape them on a circular frame. Fill in any empty or bare spots with bows, ornaments or poinsettias.

The Tree

Many apartment dwellers feel as though they do not have enough space for a Christmas tree. While an eight-footer may not be the most appropriate choice there are other Christmas tree options that work well in homes with limited space.

Most live tree sellers will have shorter, table top trees that can be placed on a small bookshelf, dining table or even counter top without taking up much space. Not only do these small trees bring Christmas cheer into your apartment, they are easy to care for and clean up after.

Even more options can be found in synthetic table top Christmas trees. Shoppers can even find pre-decorated, multicolored, music playing and lighted synthetic trees that pack as much impressive punch as a fully decorated taller tree.

An apartment may have limited space but it can still be trimmed for Christmas. By taking advantage of the areas in your apartment that boast nonfunctional space, like windows and doorways, an apartment boast plenty of Christmas cheer.


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