Why Do We Make the New Year Resolutions?
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Why Do We Make the New Year Resolutions?

The process of making the New Year Resolutions is really a serious business that helps you to fine tune your personal life putting you right back on your life track, streamline your business or career.

Why do we make the New Year Resolutions?

The New Year has just begun. Perhaps you might also have been infected with the New Year Resolution bug by this time and racking up your brain to make some concrete resolutions for the New Year, if not made already.

Before proceeding further you may also be wondering what is all this fuss about.A resolution is nothing but making up your mind to do something concrete or constructive in the New Year.

The practice of making a New Year Resolution began in 46 B.C, when January 1 became the first day of a new year on the basis of a calendar introduced by Julius Ceasar.But the Romans believed that God Janus had a face through which he can look forward and backward. Taking a cue from the God Janus, they began to celebrate a New Year on the first day of January exchanging pleasantries.

However, in the middle ages, the New Year was shifted to December, 25, the day on which Jesus was born.Subsequently the day was shifted to March 25, as a holiday called as Annunciation.But, during the 16 th century,it was Pope Gregory XIII, who restored the New Year to the first day of January and since then the tradition of celebrating the New Year on the first day of January continues.

The entire process of making a New Year Resolution is something like overhauling your lifestyle with a fresh approach.You might have also gathered rust in your life hampering your progress caused by your own mistakes and failures and due to some extraneous reasons and factors. In a way while making a New Year Resolution,you undergo the process of self-analysis running your time machine backwards, weighing and judging everything that you had done in the previous year.It involves a thinking process and utilizing the services of the members of your own family and the trusted members and friends of your business or career.What you need is an open mind and down-to-earth approach.You should shed all your ego.You may have to consult your wife and even your own children.To assess your behavior pattern you may have to consult your own subordinates and servants. In the result, you assess your personality, besides knowing the progress and reverses suffered by you in your business or career in the previous year and proceed to find out the corrective and remedial measures to set right them.

Then your first step is to weed out the unnecessary elements or factors that hampered your progress.If they are related to your personality, it is time to make amends for it.If they are extraneous factors beyond your control, it is time to prevent them and safeguard your business or career.Besides,in the course of your analysis, you might have also come across some new facts because of which you may have to engage in new tasks and shoulder additional social responsibilities.For example,you might have noted that your son or daughter who have been hitherto teens might have crossed that stage, needing your moral and financial support for higher education.Perhaps it is time to get them involved in your business or career. Or it is time to find a suitable career for them of their choice.Or it is time to make arrangements for their marriage.These new family tasks and added social responsibilities may motivate you to make new resolutions.You realize that you have the added responsibility of arranging the marriage of your daughter in the forthcoming year.But you are lacking in funds.So far you have not saved anything for your daughter's marriage.Then certainly one of your new year resolution must be:'I must save considerably for my daughter's marriage.'

To put it in other words, in the thought process of making new year resolutions, you just plan ahead,shoulder new responsibilities,taking all the factors and the extraneous circumstances into account and according to the priorities they need and merit attention.In the process,you must also be ruthless in shedding your unwanted elements and factors that might have hampered your progress.For example, you had recently became a toper or you have been lured into an extra-marital affair, because of which,you have lost your mental peace by having frequent quarrels with your spouse and children.It also distracts you from your business and other social responsibilities.Then, it is time to resolve to give up everything that played a havoc in your marital life.

Thus the process of making the New Year Resolutions is really a serious business that helps you to fine tune your personal life putting you right back on your life track, besides streamlining your business or career. But before making the New Year Resolutions,it is always good to begin the process early at the end of the previous year, so that you can plan well ahead and come up with the New Year Resolutions exactly on the first day of January, every New Year.




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Very nice and solid approach for a fresh start with great advices.

Very sensible points.

Ranked #14 in Christmas & Holidays

love the historical perspective

What an interesting article with helpful tidbits. I don't make resolutions.thank you.